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Fast Facts

  • Event Heroes
  • Five different Hero colors = Green Blue Purple Yellow Red
  • Five different levels of Heroes, indicated by Stars (* through *****)
    • Each color has:
      • Three 1* Heroes
      • Four 2* Heroes
      • Five 3* Heroes (Red has six now.)
      • Five 4* Heroes (Red, Blue, and Yellow have six. Purple has seven now.)
      • Four 5* Heroes (Red and Blue have six now.)
      • There are also six 3* and 5* Strikers/Champions of each color (Blue, Yellow, and Purple have 7 now.) and a new one (with both 3* and 5* versions) is released every week
  • Each Hero can be Promoted to a higher Rank, but not a higher Star level.
    • 1* Heroes can be Promoted once.
    • 2* Heroes can be Promoted twice.
    • 3* Heroes can be Promoted three times.
    • 4* and 5* Heroes can be Promoted four times.
  • Each Hero has an Attack, Defense, and Health stat plus a Skill.
    • Skills include attacks, counterattacks, boosts, reducers, poisons, healing, etc.
    • Skills start at 1 and can increase to 10. Skill Increase Strategy
  • How to get Heroes
    • Initial given set (Bastian, Quinn, Haul, Fionnula, Xavier)
    • Recruiting in the Tavern
    • Summoning Heroes
    • Campaign/Dungeon Battle Rewards
    • Buying packs in the Market using gems

Our Sortable Hero Comparison Chart

Our Hero Leveling Costs Chart (working on it)