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Wiki Major Contributors[edit | edit source]

  • ZombieCat [REC+] -- recording nearly all the Building, Research, Recruiting, Crafting, and Event Data

  • V4Vndication [REC*] -- gathering and compiling nearly all of the Campaign 1 Monster Counts and Dragon Stats

  • NightShade [PZL2] -- adding Resource Data, Monster Counts, Avatars, Event Heroes, etc.

  • Owl Chaser [TTF] -- recording nearly all of the Campaign Resource Data and Boss Counts, adding Campaign 2 Monster Counts

Dragon Strike
Ember Entertainment
Ember Entertainment
iOS, Android
Release date(s)
Puzzle RPG
Everyone 10+

Dragon Strike Release Info[edit | edit source]

Dragon Strike is an epic new match-3 RPG game, blending a quality match-3 engine with the added element of developing teams of Heroes for combat.

Dragon Strike is currently in Beta development by Ember Entertainment, an App development company headquartered in Washington, USA that also produces Meow Match among other games.

Release Milestones[edit | edit source]

  • Early Oct 2018 - Beta Opened to Public
  • Early November - Tournaments Added
  • Mid February - Guild Dragon Strikes Added
  • Summer 2019 - Additional Rank added to 3*-5*
  • Jan-Mar 2020 - The Great Stat Rebalancing